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web based POS from Novopos

The Nuvopos system is developed as a local web-based POS system and supports not only Android and iOS phones, but also tablets and PC desktops. Nuvopos, World’s first LOCAL point of sale app developed for restaurants, coffee shops, café’s and bars.

Introduced at EuroCis and available soon.

Web app point of sale (POS) system for restaurant, café and bar

The iPos web app is intuitive and user friendly. Your employees will recognise the interface immediately and the learning curve is realy short. Combine this with a great designed interface and no errors will occur whith mobile ordering.

Dutch Solutions has more

We offer more point of sale systems. Like iPos a innovative point of sale system (POS system) specially developed for restaurant, coffee shop, café and bar. iPos ensures you a solid cash register system, ready for the entire hospitality industry. It allows employees to record their orders quickly and intuitive

Contact Dutch Solutions for the web based POS app.

Please feel free to contact Dutch Solutions for information about our innovative web based Poss app. You can send us an e-mail at h.dubbelhuis@cash-care.nl, or call us at +31 592 310578.